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Positive Prana Personalized Approach
At Positive Prana we work closely with the clients to identify their requirements and tailormake programs with a positive and holistic approach to support the whole person. This we do by addressing different aspects of their life; diet, exercise, relationships, career, and spirituality. We cultivate Positive Mindful Awareness enabling one to recognize habitual thinking patterns, create the space to step out of the negative patterns, access inner resources to cope with stressful and difficult situations and lead a more fulfilling and peaceful life.
We don’t replace specialists such as doctors, nutritionists, therapists etc. We can work alongside them. People often work with one or more specialists to address a specific aspect of their life sometimes achieving their immediate objective but struggle to achieve or maintain that healthy positive change. Each expert has their place but at Positve Prana we address the holistic needs of each client, sometimes alongside specialists, to guide the client to achieve and maintain a lasting positve result in their life. We aim to support the client to continually develop and manage aspects of their life in their own unique circumstances.
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