Being active throughout the day trumps exercise

#Exercise alone is not enough. Working out three times a week is not enough. Being active throughout the day is what keeps you healthy.

On average, we now spend more time sitting down
(9.3 hours) than sleeping in a given day. The human body is not built for this, and the obesity and diabetes it contributes to is a major public health problem. Watching your diet and exercising 30 minutes a day will not be enough to offset many hours of sitting.

The amount of time you spend seated adds up quickly. Let’s do the math. You might sit down for a while to watch the morning news and eat breakfast. Then let’s say your commute adds another 30 to 60 minutes sitting in a car, train, or bus. When you arrive at work, you sit 8 to 10 hours in an office chair. At the end of the day, you have another seated commute back home, followed by a “sit down” dinner with family. Then perhaps you watch an hour or two of television before going to bed. Of course, you do have a few hours of activity tucked inside this otherwise sedentary day. Yet when you look at a typical day, it is easy to see how long periods of time when you are not in motion can add up.

The challenge is to examine each of these situations. Figure out how to slowly add a little movement, or at least spend less time sitting each day. There are literally hundreds of moments in a day when you can embed extra activity into your routine.

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