Are you too exhausted to enjoy what really matters?

Are you running out of fuel to head in the direction you really want to in life?

Are you one of the many people who is busy getting everything done but too exhausted to enjoy the things that really matter- your family, children, fitness, holidays?

Most people have amazing lives, but can’t enjoy their lives anymore because they don’t have the physical energy to do so.

As Dr Libby puts it so brilliantly “You have too many “open loops”, or “open tabs”.“You know when you have too many apps open on your phone and it drains your battery faster?” she explains. “That’s what people are doing to their brains all the time.” She outlines a typical day for many: “you go into work and read 25 emails that have come in overnight. You reply to four of them but the other 21 create an open loop in your brain. On top of that you’re thinking about getting a stain out of your carpet at home, remembering to pick your kids up and what you’re going to have for dinner.” Libby’s research suggests that in a given day someone may have up to 300 tabs open in their head. “And it is so depleting to our energy.”

Lets start by heading in the right direction by following any one of these simple tips:

1) Close those tabs/apps — Start by strict scheduling- set aside time for emails, making or returning phone calls, checking social media etc. “Creative people often resist the scheduling so I encourage them to just do it two or three days a week at first. They soon find that it actually gives them more creativity as their brain is so much freer when the tabs are closed!”

2) Practise a morning ritual — Either energetic or restorative (meditation, reading something positive, restorative practice or prayer, exercise), that sets you up for the day and make this non negotiable.

3) Make inactivity your enemy- Being active throughtout the day is what gives you energy and keeps you healthy. Dr Tom Rath says reducing chronic inactivity is more imortant than brief periods of vigorous exercise.

4) Learn to say No — Most people are very good at saying yes to things out of obligation but if we don’t have the time or energy to do them, they add to our ongoing fatigue. “We jump straight in because we’ve got kind hearts but it can really take away from where we want our energy to be — our family, our work, our fitness — the things we really love.”

Happy refuelling!

Coach Shivi

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