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Our Approach

Positive Prana educates, supports and mentors you to make gradual lifestyle changes, increasing your energy and wellbeing while achieving your goals.


We build Prana which is necessary to make changes to your life

Personalized Approach

We work one on one to identify your unique requirements

Holistic View
We use a holistic wellness approach addressing the body, mind and spirit

We use Mindfulness techniques and practices as the core of our growth

Positive Psychology

We use the science of positive psychology to promote human flourishing

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Meet Shivi
Who is Coach Shivi?

“My goal is to guide and support people to positively and mindfully transform their prana (energy) to lead an authentic and fulfilled life”

Shivi is an ICF certified positive psychology and holistic health coach. She blends her training in Eastern spiritual practices with her study of Western sciences of positive psychology, fitness and health. She has her own distinctive style of guiding people to give them the tools to increase their mental, physical and spiritual energy to better manage the challenges of health, wealth, relationships and inner peace.

Dandy Liew
Mindfulness Training

Coaching with Shivi has unlocked many barriers mentally. Every session is refreshing and exciting.

Shreya Doshi
Teen Workshop

At the workshop, I was compelled to dive deeper, step out of my comfort zone and find the space to reflect. This wouldn’t have been possible without the magnificent teacher Shivi that taught me to challenge myself every step of the way, and create the possibility of true contentment and gratitude.

Jyoti Sharma
Positive Prana Workshop

The workshop helped me relax and has helped me build a more positive attitude towards a lot of things.

Ahana Kothari
Teen Workshop

I thought the mindfulness workshop with Shivi was eye opening to things I don’t notice usually. It’s taught me to take a step back and notice smaller details of my everyday life, making me more appreciative of what I can do.

Renita Peralta
Yoga and Mindfulness training

The weekly sessions with Coach Shivi calm me and give me more focus. I am always looking forward to the next session.

Joyita Bandyopadhyay
Positive Prana Coaching

Shivi is a genuine, open minded, friendly, helpful & affectionate person. She has a knack of quickly building rapport & gaining trust of her clients. I have felt great peace during the mindfulness / meditations sessions that she has conducted.

Doreen Campos
Yoga and Mindfulness training

Yoga has helped me to get stronger and have a more peaceful mind. Shivi is a good instructor and gives me strength to be more positive in life.

Priyanka Totlani
Positive Prana Coaching

Meeting Shivi was a turning point in my life. Her complete acceptance and non-judgemental attitude is unique to her coaching style. Her support and guidance have brought about a strength in me and a positive change in my life.

Marites Tolentino
Yoga and Mindfulness training

The weekly yoga and mindfulness sessions have given me a lot for my body and mind. Shivi is great and a nice friendly trainer.

Alicia Pulanco
Yoga and Mindfulness training

Our sessions help me relax and feel more comfortable with myself. Coach Shivi is a great instructor and I feel free to talk and express to her. She is a very dedicated and committed teacher.

Ella Venus
Yoga and Mindfulness training

I have gained so much strength from mindfulness. It has helped calm me become more accepting of me. Coach Shivi teaches so patiently and gives us such practical and powerful knowledge for everyday living.

Charie Pineda
Yoga and Mindfulness Training

Yoga has helped me a lot- mind, body and soul. Coach Shivi is so awesome. She teaches us so well. I am so grateful to her and have learned so many things from her.

Shraddha Singh
Holistic Health Coaching

Shivi is a wonderful mentor who makes you see the issues objectively and gently guides you to better accept and move on. Shivi has been a source of strength and support through my various health and personal problems. I would recommend her for those looking for a source of strength and a confidante during tough times.

Jayati Bose
Mindfulness Sessions

After my son left to US, I had major depression, anxiety and severe stress. After doing weekly sessions with Shivi, I felt happy, positive and energized. My friends and relatives have also noticed the changes in me.

Ojas Chadha
Weekly Mindfulness Sessions

I have found a deeper meaning in life after attending sessions and talks with Shivi,which are very simple and easy to understand. Thanks very much for your mentoring and inspirations.

Hetal Kothari
Positive Prana Coaching

Shivi has been coaching me in positive thinking. She has shown me how to deal with my health and personal problems without getting stressed. She teaches you to identify and use your strengths to face all challenges without fear.


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